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Election 2015: Vote as one impoverished and poor. 

Labour says they have a better plan but I’m still not sure what it is, the Conservatives have tackled the deficit on the backs of the poor, scarily UKIP might win more seats,  and I can’t vote for the female version of William Wallace from the film Brave Heart or another words Nicola Sturgeon of the SNP as much as I might want to! Then there’s the DUP, Green party, of whom I know very little.

Chatting with people who understood who there fighting for in World War II this week, they too are as confused as I, on who and what to vote for. It perhaps comes down to experience, my experience under a Labour government, in terms of healthcare and support for the underprivileged at least was excellent. More recently under the conservative government, that help and care has been systematically eroded. But there will be of course those for whom the opposite is true.

A taxi driver the other day in my hometown berated me for not wanting to vote conservative, as he drove me and my little boy home at midnight after having waited in A&E since 8 o’clock that evening! It seems everyone has their opinion. He was arguing it was worse under labour!

To gain a little perspective this election is not a choice between freedom or a dictatorship like in Syria, Zimbabwe, Iran, and so on, is not a choice between corrupt government parties. We don’t even have to worry if the ballots will be tampered with, or whether we will be hassled by armed gunmen as we queue to make a cross in a box like more recently happened in Crimea and the Ukraine.

We in the UK instead will be glued to our TV screens watching the classic swingometer do its thing. Then sometime on Friday onwards we will discover who our new prime minister is, and in a way nothing will change, food will still get delivered to supermarkets, the police will still be there to protect and serve, when I dial 999 there will be someone to help, and of course they will still be taxes to pay bills to find money for.

I hope this election will bring about a change in governmental ethos, in same way that Jesus opened peoples eyes, to the ethos of the kingdom of God, one which is not so much about blind obedience, religious observance, and guilt. The kingdom instead would see the blind healed, the deaf hear, the lame walk, the tax collector make an honest living, the rabbi discovering for himself that religion was more about experience of divine grace and love, than rituals that bankrupt the spiritual seeker.

My hope my dear reader is standing before God, as we put a cross in that box, our conscience is clear, our resolve is resolute, and our choice is rooted in the love of our neighbour, perhaps in the booth next door making his or her own choice.

God bless and go with God

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