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Were Has Jesus Gone?

When we listen to what’s happening in Syria, when we listen to the news stories of mayhem, shattered lives, broken people, communities and nations, you may well ask where is Jesus?  In the midst of church decline, gossip and back biting, we may ask where is Jesus?

The lyrics to the popular christian chorus, I’ve Found Jesus… I love this song, its an old chorus from my teenage years, that brings back memories of when I became a christian back in 1992!

Just for fun you might like to google the where’s Jesus book, its a cheesy version of where’s Wally!

We need to find the Jesus who is more real than words on the pages of Scripture, who is more then the one who raised the dead, healed the sick and rose again on the third day. We need to find a Jesus that is perhaps bigger than our religious proclamations from the pulpit.

For so many where is Jesus is not even a question that occurs to them! Jesus is some renegade from mythical times. Where is Jesus? Who cares, people today have a enough to think about, worry about and to be concerned about. For so many Jesus, never raised their dead, healed their sick, and probably didn’t raise from the dead. That may be the sentiment of people in church as well as outside.

If the church can’t find Jesus, then how can we expect others to find him, know him, listen to him. Perhaps a conversation and journey with the community needs to look at the historical Jesus, leaving to an up-to-date real living experience of Jesus. John Wesley would say of his discipleship groups that you could not tell a testimony, any longer than a week.

So how are you being in communication with Jesus this week?  How have you listened and what have you heard? Certainly the conversation is multifaceted, one of hearing with the spirit and heart as well as with the head, but that doesn’t make it any less real and living.

As we go about our business this week, as we encounter all that life has for us in the days to come,  where do we find Jesus?  From the warm comfort of church worship, to the hardest days where all it seems to do his rain trouble down on you, where do you find Jesus?

If we are really serious about this relationship with Jesus being real and living, let it be more than soundbites and glib phrases. Lets journey with the idea that it is living and real. Listen once again to the stories of Jesus in scripture, and look for what God might be doing in your life and the lives of others. Encounter Jesus in your own discipleship and walk, as well as through the kindness, grace and love of others.

So when we look at the broken world around us, it might not seem so broken, we as a church might hear with fresh understanding, Jesus calling out to us, to go, to be, to do. To become the body of Christ that feeds the least of these, because they’re feeding Jesus, that comforts the most broken because we’re comforting Jesus, who bring healing to hopeless situations, because in doing so like so many actions we might conceive, we are doing it to and for Jesus.

Have a good week.

See Your Faith Grow

George 6 weeksWhen a puppy is born it is both deaf and blind.  It can’t regulate its own body temperature or support its own weight – but by end of week the eyes open and hearing begins to develop.  Legs get stronger and as the weeks unfold the dog takes its first puppy steps into the world that surrounds him or her!

Equally we celebrate or draw attention to the development of our offspring, whether that’s getting their first teeth or the ability to walk, talk or use the potty (oh what a joyous day that was) and so on.  Through school and into adulthood, we continue to celebrate important milestones.

Celebrating the Occassionmarriage-918864_960_720

In our journey with God there are milestones we should celebrate. I recently celebrated 25 years of being a Christian. On one level this might seem cheesy, but for anyone journeying with God it is no mean feat, especially in a context of spiritual and religious plurality and

When I attended a commissioning service for those who had, in faith, taken new steps towards what God was calling them to become, something struck me.

I sat near the back of the church and watched as men and women of God shared their testimony of what has happened in their lives, both ups and downs, to bring them to this point.  People shared heartfelt words, poetry and music – each trying to encapsulate and frame their experience of God at work in their lives.

I sat there as a seasoned Christian and church leader… well reasonably so, looking past thoughts of how something might have been said better or how no-one used the microphone,  and what I saw was inspiring.

Looking back at what God has done.


Those who spoke reminded me of my own walk with God, the call into ministry that seems a dot in comparison to all that has happened since. The nervousness of getting up in front of people and not being polished or ‘off the cuff’, but bound to my script like a security blanket. Of not having confidence in the abilities God had given me and always wondering if I was doing any good at all. Some of those feelings haven’t left me, which is probably for the best.

More than my own journey, their words and the service reminded me that God is always calling people to new ministries, to new things.  I remember one of my first tutorials as I became a student minister began something like this:Tutor: “So what grades did you get at A-level?”

Me: “None!”
Tutor(surprised): “You didn’t get any qualifications and here you universityare in one of the top universities in the UK?” He asked to clarify.

There was no judgement in his voice, just that joyous surprise and laughter between two Christians, at what God can do when someone says ‘Yes’ to Him. How, even though I didn’t have the grades for university, the obstacles were not insurmountable.  After all, nothing is impossible for God. I went on to gain a BA in Theology and Ministry,
achieving a 2:1.

saying yes to GodThe people at the commissioning service had all said ‘Yes’ to God; it was truly wonderful to hear how far they had come and it is exciting to think of where they might end up.


Many years ago someone told me she had a word from the Lord (it was actually more than one), and it is in the image below. It is a phrase that has sustained, changed and recurred across my walk with God. I offer them to you.


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