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Are You Getting The Whole Picture?

When was it, that we started taking notice of the news shouting headlines at us of how bad life is? How come we take more notice of fear than hope? How is it that the statistic of negativity is more appealing somehow than one that offers something positive?

The tea was hot just under scalding point, exactly how I like it and the conversation engaging. It was a comment during the conversation that provoked the thought and new awareness in me. As I race through life, littered with snippets of  cautionary tales, all making me consider what might go wrong if I do X, Y or Z or indeed a whole alphabet of worries concerns and trying to avoid calamity at any given moment.

My friend made me consider by her well chosen words, that in fact perhaps I wasn’t a total screw up, that the worst isn’t just round the corner, and evil is not everywhere! This of course may be a rather radical idea and you may just need to take it in for a moment, life is not always trying to trip you up!

As I walked the dog that afternoon and allowed my inquisitive spaniel to go exploring off the lead, I pondered what my friend had pointed out in me. Thinking on this I began to say to myself, I haven’t… each time completing the sentence with an affirming phrase that regardless of life ups and downs and difficulties the bad stuff has come and gone. Moreover the life I share with my family isn’t totally  messed up as the fear mungers and doomsayers would like me to think.

So I haven’t got extra bad luck for breaking a mirror or walking under a ladder.  Even though I have lived in some challenging places I have survived, being burgled twice wasn’t the end of my world hard to get over though it was.  Life can be tough but also amazing, life doesn’t need to be defined by fear but love, a love that drives out fear, darkness and all those crappy comments that pull us down, break our spirits and somehow say we are less, rubbish, and un-redeemable. Comments from professionals, magazine articles, newspapers and friends that say we are statistically likely to be robbed, stabbed, burgled, abused, get particular diseases, doesn’t mean we will, there is as good statistical chance we will know good health, safety, community, and love.

For some reason we are predisposed to drink into our lives the negativity of fear rather than the liberation of hope. Its almost as though hope has to work twice as hard as fear to remind us that there is an alternative. 

For you who are suffering for whom the darkness is very present, it won’t last, there is light small though it might be. There is hope, perhaps you don’t believe me and that’s ok, perhaps I wouldn’t believe me either compared to what you are dealing with. But thats what faith is, we are governed physically, emotionally and spiritually and sometimes we forget that in the spiritual their can be found treasure that doesn’t rust.  A treasure of acceptance, tears and healing, a reconfiguring of life where priorities are changed character is honed.

The other part of my walk with my dog on that afternoon was spent thanking God for people like my friend.  She unlocked a stumbling block in me for spiritual and emotional wellness. Let’s not see our inner life as two dimensional but 3d, and you might be amazed at what you discover.

Finally if I can offer a peace of advice, be careful what you read and who you listen too, surround your life with good counsel, a narrative that builds rather than obliterates. Perhaps we need to say together, I have not made a total mess of things. Moreover thank God who knows us, and through it all offers forgiveness where it is needed, heals sometimes in unexpected ways, and in whose image you and I are made.

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