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Offer Hope Not Criticism

There is a story of a man who killed himself, he was valued by so many yet he was his biggest critic. That self-criticism was his undoing, he believed utterly in that voice and chose to escape it. Leaving people shocked and confused.

I belief in an afterlife, that there is something more, other, liminal. I do not think we are the sum of our psychology, intellect or physicality. I do not believe as the church once did that if you end your own life you go to hell. 

When Jesus walked the earth, he vanquished that kind of consuming torment, he brought liberation and hope. So I wonder if for that poor soul who can only do one thing to escape themselves or their situation, whether that is to jump across the chasm  from this life. I believe they leap into a better place a, a space that Jesus prepares. Where torment is no more, and peace resides.

There are organisations that do amazing jobs with people who wish to end things, there are many successes, but possibly just as many tragedies. So today why not resolve to be the difference.

You don’t know who or what might be going on behind the backdrop of someones eyes, or  their    smile.  Behind those eyes, could be all kinds of darkness, self loathing and shame. Let us love our neighbour in such away that God might use us to vanquish the darkness, or walk the lonely journey with those who are trying to make sense of the question beginning with the word, why.

Finally if its you who is on the edge as it were. Know that you are known, you name your personhood is valued and has value, both in this life and the one to come. I pray that help will come. 

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