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Whose Signed Your Selfie?

Click, the camera takes the photo, the latest collection of selfies on mondays Selfie day were just like the millions of others taken recently, everyone had a smile and looked generally happy. We don’t know their back grounds, hopes or worries, but for that moment there is a smile, an inviting look. The photos themselves cause me to sometimes reciprocate with a smile, but that might just be me!

 _74106654_selfie _74106661_allanrobinson

When we post such photos on Facebook or stick it in an album we can tag ourselves in the photo in some way, so people know its us. Similarly artists sign there works as away of showing that they painted or drew it.

Before the beginning of all things there was probably a conversation that might have started a little like this:

God the Father: “Shall we make something together?”

So together they created worlds, stars, space, atmosphere, deep waters, rolling hills and snowy peaks and of course much more. Like the great artists God has signed his creation, a signature we see in selfies alongside our own names. A signature we see in our highest motivations and goals, our collective physiology, and in our welcoming smiles.

So today as you click that selfie, walk past a mirror or catch yourself looking back in a reflective surface, remember who you are a reflection of, and whose signature is also on your life and others. If you feel so inclined, thank God. Or perhaps make amends with the person you saw as less than having Gods signature upon their lives.

The Selfie tells a story, may it remind you that you are made in Gods Image, worthy of at least a smile a day, of being continually loved, respected and cherished, if not at least as much as God loves and cherishes you, the pinnacle, the cherry on the top, the bright star of all of Gods creation.

Have a great day 🙂

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Running Man: A Perfect Run

Yesterday evening, was foggy and drizzling, I wasn’t awfully keen on running but I got my gear on, and included my rain proof running jacket. Seconds into it my left foot started hurting, but I made a mental note to put some inflammation cream on later, and instead of stopping just kept going, but slower. 

Why am I telling you this? 

I was running a bit slower (because of my foot) and my breathing was steady, there was no-one around, all i could hear was the melodic noise of my feet hitting the wet ground, It was bliss, a perfect run.

I didn’t stop for 35 mins which is a first! I got home, and yes was pleased to look at my stats, which were 11 min mile and I had burned over 500 calories which was all awesome. But greater than that was the sense inside myself of contentment, and feeling deeply relaxed, it was a special moment that lasted.  Perhaps you might say “well thats the endorphins, my boy!” But I believe we are more than our chemical reactions.

I am a christian and have experienced deeply spiritual moments before and this wasn’t quite that as it was an internally directed experience rather than externally,. What I was experiencing was a deep physical relaxation, not tiredness but just very relaxed from top to toe, it was brilliant.  

I just wanted to share with you my perfect run and will hope their are many more. It wasn’t about by running stats, that made it perfect but the sense of well being I had at the end, that made it perfect.


Happy Running.  


May the road always be flat or sloping,

may the wind be at your back,

and the son in your heart. Amen

A Brown Taped Bible

A Brown Taped Bible

Sitting across from me is a bible. I know it’s a bible, because of where I am, but if I was somewhere else like a coffee shop or library I wouldn’t be sure. This bible isn’t shiny or new, it’s bent from usage, it has seen hard times. The cover mended so many times, it’s now completely covered in brown tape obscuring its title and its potential.

I wonder if you or I might be a little like this bible, bruised and battered, tired and weary, needing rather than another strip of tape to patch us up, instead we long for renewal.

Underneath the tape of that covered bible sitting on the table, beats the heart of the living God and that is no different for us, who are bound in tape. We know the riches of Gods word, we know the inner reassurance of his presence (I pray), just somewhere along the way, tiredness has crept in, weariness as settled on our spirits and we have forgotten?

Perhaps forgotten to look up, to look up into our heavenly fathers eyes and see our reflection, and let him breathe into us his refreshing spirit. That our bonds might fall away. That we might again walk on the edge with God holding onto his hand seeing others how he needs us too, being ready to speak his word bringing refreshing, renewal and challenge.

So my prayer…
Lord God, send your renewing spirit, where cynicism had left us cracked and dry, where life has left us jaded, thirsty and hungry, cloth us once again with power from on high. Fill us with your refreshing, that our journey might be a source of inspiration, our words reflect your mercy and grace, and help us to live anew whilst holding your hand.

How Time Fly’s

It has been a while since I posted last! Some one noted that my blogs are getting shorter and shorter, which relates to time, in that I never seem to have enough of it! I fear that I have become a slave to time promising to people, optimistically, that busyness wouldn’t overwhelm me but it has.

Though just at the minute I feel though I am coming up for air, placing (or trying to) prayer at the centre of what I do, rather than my diary. It was a good lesson to learn, the other is this that before i am Reverend, or church leader, or even husband, I am indeed and fully a disciple of Jesus.

disciple who wrestles like any one else, with work life balance, a disciple who doesn’t all ways get it right or pray enough or read the bible enough. A disciple who has been given huge responsibility which he tries to live up to, and trusting that the lord hasn’t made a mistake in sending me! ministry is pretty awesome really, I can go from comforting a widow to visiting the sick and then jumping around like a loon at messy church, but God is present in all those occasions, same God, comforter, helper, and a God who loves life in all its fullness.

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