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The Tempters Question

Temptations give us a choice, by their nature they pose a question. That question is focused on our identity, our beliefs and our determination.

I used have difficulty with that idea that succumbing to temptations was nearly a choice. This is made especially hard for those who are afflicted with chemical based addictions. Their ‘choice’ is made all the harder, as they fight a battle with themselves!

The rational part of them says smoking is bad, drinking too much will kill them, having that affair will lead to the breakdown of their current relationship, looking at porn will degrade their value of men or women.  Yet as they say ‘the heart wants what the heart wants.’

The battleground of the heart


The difficulty is that succumbing to the temptation can be, at least for a while,  justified. That fleeting excitement, the adrenalin rush of living dangerously, or the satisfaction of quenching  their inner thirst for nicotine, alcohol, prescription drugs or whatever. The rational part of them doesn’t even get a look in. Their heart rejects all the facts and charts and knowledge. If temptation is a question, we should therefore answer it in a particular way. This could be, Who do I want to be tomorrow? The answer for most of us would say to be thin, alcohol-free, smoke-free. Most of us, I hope, if we paused and pondered wouldn’t want to put our health, wealth, family and the very lives and of those we love at risk.


Make a different choice for them rather than for yourself. But don’t go into the fight alone. 


No military general plans to go to war with one soldier with their gun. The General sends in many soldiers into the fight fully armed, marshalling all the forces he or she has at his disposal. So as you enter the fight against the tempters power, bring your troops, bring every weapon you have, and choose to not loose the war.


There may be skirmishes when you are overcome, but the war is still yours to win. I know the war is winnable not because of my army or my own strength, but because Jesus has already won his own struggle with temptations power. He has already told it to get lost and because of that, my hope remains strong, my guilt is passing because I am loved and I know some day my own war will be won.

A Lesson In Leadership

Basin and Towel

Lent Week 2: Basin and Towel, Jesus was the kind of leader who was not afraid of a bit of dirt. Alone with his friends, he washed their feet, not for prestige or praise, but because of love. You don’t see that in a leadership module!


John 13: 3-5 ‘…During supper Jesus, knowing that the Father had given all things into his hands, and that he had come from God and was going to God,  got up from the table, took off his outer robe, and tied a towel around himself. Then he poured water into a basin and began to wash the disciples’ feet and to wipe them with the towel that was tied around him.’ 

Ashed & Ready To Travel.

Lent week 1: Ash Wednesday

Lent week 1: Ash Wednesday the beginning of a journey


Lent week 1: Ash Wednesday began our pilgrimage or journey through lent this year. Consider today what Lent means to you. For most and indeed myself in the past, lent can run its course unnoticed. It’s not always easy to reflect on difficult journeys and choices in life. Yet the opposite can be true. It is in reflection before God on our failings, that healing can begin, as we learn to forgive ourselves and be forgiven by the living God.

Enjoy the images posted each Sunday.loved

It is also the day to remember love, both the love for on another and the Love of God. Happy Valentines Day.

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