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Lent 3: The Cup of Sacrifice

In The Movie Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade, our hero seeks the cup that Jesus drank out of at his last meal. The cup, as the legend goes, bestows eternal life on the one who drinks out of it. However the cup is hidden amongst many beautiful cups. Indi chooses the wooden drab looking one, and of course he is right.

We are reminded this week, of what that cup symbolises, for us and for Jesus. Two very different things, one salvation and eternal life, for the other sacrifice for all that separates humanity from knowing God, which we call sin.

A friend worded it so much more eloquently than I could, in a sermon I listened to many years ago, at Cliff Bible College.

'Jesus took the cup which has all the suffering pain and anguish of the world poured into it and he drank from it, becoming a sacrifice, and offering us freedom.'

May the horror and majesty of this simple history defining act, cause you to stop and consider what life might be like if Jesus hadn’t gone the extra mile for us.


For those  of you that want to see the video please click away and enjoy this classic clip.


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