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Disappointed in God

Moses was adopted by the Pharaoh having been found in a basket in a stream, in his search for identity and trying to win favour with his birth culture, he killed a guy for being a bully, and then was an outlaw for 40 years.  He sees a burning bush that doesn’t burn up which is kind of weird, and here he meets with God for the first time.

God makes a big deal about how Moses needs to go back to Egypt and get the pharaoh to set the people free. This is just the beginning of Moses’s problems, and disappointments, which led him to break the originally chiselled priceless Ten Commandments, then having calmed down, Moses had to go back and ask God to make some more!

Equally the disciples were pretty disappointed with God. In the Torah (Jewish Scriptures) it is told of the Messiah to come. And there was every real hope that the Messiah would kick out the Romans. Which as it turned out Jesus was not that kind of Messiah!

I also get disappointed with God, I’m disappointed that England didn’t get very far in the Rugby World Cup! I’m disappointed that God doesn’t show up nearly often enough in the lives of broken people, I stare at disbelief at what is going on in the world and feel an affinity with all those around the globe, for whom their disappointment with God, has lead to doubt and ultimately disbelief.

In all our disappointment we lob at God, these worlds are echoed in the words of the Pharisee in the new testament. Who shouts at the cross Jesus is nailed too. ‘Come down, if you are the son of God’! We all know what happened next.

What does God do, well he loves us, us who are wrapped up in life disappointments and pain. He puts people around us, he offers us a community to be part of where we can thrive, and learn more of the God we still perhaps just believe in. Disappointment though is part of what makes our faith real and living, we don’t blindly believe a set of edicts, but are free in our faith to say or leave, to shout at God, or ask him continually to open the eyes of our hearts that we might see as God does.

Disappointment in God is more about us than God, more about humanities decision to be a disciple or not. Ultimately like Jesus’s disciples, Moses saw God do amazing things through him, the parting of the red sea, transform a staff to snake and back again, food in the dessert, and so much more. There is noting like being in the place where the Lord wants you to be. There is a sense of renewed identity and purpose even if the place where the lord has placed you is hard.

May God Bless You

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