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Everyones Got secrets

The hidden torment of mental health issues in society is rightly being highlighted, and beginning to be de-stigmatised, which clearly is great and about time.

Though it might just be me, but I find myself wondering sometimes, as someone who has their own mental health issues. That does the reporting of the ‘hiddenness of depression’ actually do the sufferer and society a disservice and become a hindrance rather than a help?

Firstly I believe you can tell if you know people well enough, that something might not be  right. It may take you a bit of time, but open your eyes, get to know the people around you ask God to help you.

Secondly, I sometimes wonder if the “not being able to tell someone has depression” monologue, actually lets so called “healthy” people off the hook from being decent humans. Such meeting the stranger or acquaintance with compassion, rather than disdain, love instead of neglect, welcome instead of suspicion, acceptance rather than impatience, interest rather than prejudice.

Thirdly I would like to live in a society where at one level it didn’t matter, what I had or didn’t have going on inside of me, or indeed other people for that matter. That I was evolved enough to know when I have gone too far and make repatriation, or when I needed to step away and take a few deep breaths and for that to be ok. I believe there are places in society that can a place of acceptance of where people are at, understanding and tolerance and actually embody the love your neighbour stuff that Jesus spoke off.

We are surrounded by the hiddenness of peoples inner lives, pregnancy, love, joy, and yes all the other things that surround the dreaded term mental health issues. But we all have mental health, some days that health is good others perhaps not. Just like our physical health needs attention so does our mental health.

I am not trying to trivialise the issue but wherever you are reading this, take a moment to look around, because in this society, the change begins with you, I am not speaking about the big picture of what town you live in or country, but the part of community God has placed you in and with.

Finally many years ago I was walking through the high street of my then home town, and a stranger shouted at me, I didn’t hear her at first, but she repeated it. What she shouted was “hey, you have a lovely smile, so smile…” and you know I did, and  the person remains a stranger to me, but her words stayed with me. Be that person, try to bring out the best in others rather than the worst, recognise the need in others and help them, but first you need to open your eyes and make the first step. This is something I also need to do, so let’s all do act together as one.






Well That Sucks!!

This was turning into a ridiculously long facebook post. Instead I thought a blog post might be more a appropriate some how, even if it’s no less shorter! 

This morning I am around the 3 1/2 week point of  exercising 4x a week, with a variety of aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Eating whole foods for breakfast, lunch and for snacks, with just ‘a few accidents’ with packets of Maltesers and chocolate bars. 

Physically I certainly feel fitter and stronger. But, yes there is a but, whilst my weight dipped initially by one or 2 pounds I find myself cruising to the end of September with the scales telling me i am actually 1/2 lb heavier than when I started! WHAT!!!!!

I have two options on this lengthly mystical journey towards being healthier and lighter and hear they are:

One option is to give up and just accept the inevitability of the direction of travel, as I pass those metaphorical health-warning road signs, which tell me there is danger ahead, in the form of health complications. To accept that these are unavoidable and that unless there is a magic wand, that can be wafted over me, I am doomed. Meaning I probably wont see my kids grow up and have families of there own, because the fat will have suffocated my internal organs, long before then! (bit overdramatic sorry)

The other option (Oh thank God for that), it is the road less traveled, it is one of painful self evaluation, to avoid an even more painful heart attack. I need to get real, acknowledge how bad I want/need this, and that no apple watch type tracker, or other aids is going to make me change, unless I change first. I have to acknowledge with vulcan-esk logic my foibles, my triggers, that make me eat rubbish or cause me to be too lazy to keep track of what I consume. 

Then like today, I draw a line on one side my most recent failures or false starts and on the other side, wisdom i have gained from those falls and a rededication to the journey I am on. My prayer is that those decisions for good, will ultimately outweigh those that cause me harm.

Today after my disappointment on the scales, I still went to my workout area, I still lifted those weights. But I did a few less so I had time to reflect on what went wrong learn from it  and ask the lord to help me carry on.

1 Step Towards a Healthier You

There is nothing quite like that first waft of chocolate hitting the nostrils when you open the Easter egg box. Each of us has our own rituals, I’m sure.  I like to take all of my eggs and break them up in a tub so that for the days to come I have a lucky dip of chocolate delights.

Let me explain the step we need to take to become healthier Whilst eating your easter egg. Easter, perhaps more than any other point in the year, offers us the opportunity for a fresh start, to take hold of our health in a new way.
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Running Man

Back in late June I started running again. I haven’t run for 11 years where I picked up an injury in my foot, but even then I didn’t run regularly, but a few months ago after reading about how proper running shoes can make a difference, I decided to give it a go. I didn’t post before because I wanted to make sure it was something I would stick to.

Point one,

Why was I going to start again? Well to loose weight and get fit again, I have been carrying around extra luggage for too long and as I reach my 39th year in December, it was time to get serious and do something rather than just talk about weight loss.


Point 2 get some decent running shoes
Because of my injury I had always believed I couldn’t run, until I got an expensive pair of New Balance running shoes with special inner soles designed for my feet, I mention that they weren’t cheap, not to boast, but to say it was worth the expense.

My runtastic app tells me that I have have completed 26 activities since beginning in late june and have run 62 miles! That old injury hasn’t once given be any grief. I went to The Sweatshop an unfortunate name but awesome and really know their stuff and I haven’t looked back.

Point 3 starting running. In my head I can run miles and miles at a good pace, the reality is very different, so be honest, recognise your excuses at not starting as excuses and buy some gear and get going. One of my excuses was I was worried I would look silly! And maybe I do, but I have now lost a stone in weight and am achieving my goals, and this makes me happy.

How do I do this? Baby steps, low expectations, starting slow and realising their will be ups and downs. Gradually increase your distance, speed and time, transitioning from walking to jogging. There is a section on the app I use which is for interval which tells me the mph of slow steady and fast, I ignore this as I am still considered slow! Instead I do custom intervals which have made me quicker, again not over doing it. There is nothing more demoralising of constantly having to stop because you think your lungs are going to burst.

Point 4- Schedule
Whatever you decide enjoy it. I run three times a week for about 25-30mins as my schedule allows, and sometimes I listen to music but more recently, I just enjoy the silence, and rhythmic sound of my trainers make against the tarmac, only interrupted by my app telling me occasionally what my pace is, and how long I have been running.

My Routine

Monday is normally, a longer run of 30 mins at a slow pace currently 12min mile I started at 14 min mile! I sometimes have to stop once but that is something I am working on at the moment, my wall is at 17 mins and so as I near that time, I mentally prepare myself to overcome it. Mostly that works! Except when I am running with the dog!

Wednesday is intervals I started 2 mins walk/jog 30sec run and am now at 1min jog 2 min run, I love intervals especially as it is making me faster.

Friday is race day, there is an option on my app (runtastic) which is called a ghost run, where I run against myself! So I pick the best run of the week and run against it, it’s good to know I always come first and second! Today I came second, I blame the dog for holding me up to sniff, interesting (to him) blades of grass!

Before and after each workout i stretch for around 5 mins and also include some weight training, there is tons of advice out there on what you can do in terms of warm up and cool down, but basically stretch out your legs and body  helps to ward off injury and pulled muscles, so don’t skimp on it.

I am not sure if I will ever run a proper race, partly because there is enough pressure in my life and also I am worried I will come last. I run yes because of my weight loss goals, but I have grown to love it, each week I know I will have 3 opportunities to run in all weathers, enjoying the silence and the melodic thump thump of my trainers hitting the Tarmac. Knowing I am achieving something, getting healthier and fitter.

My favourite run recently was on holiday, we went to see family in Sheringham and I got to run down by the beach in the morning, several times it was really inspiring, so if you live near a beach or beautiful countryside use what as inspiration.



When researching running, I found this website very helpful http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/ and also YouTube when thinking about technique. Sports Direct which always has sales was where I bought a good pair of shorts and running top with a zip pocket for house keys, as well as a rain jacket, and finally amazon for an iPhone armband holder.

I wish you well. Hope you love running as much as I do.

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