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Keeping God Busy!

It is not that God has nothing to do! What I mean is that sometimes in our lives we might, experience moments of God being especially active with us! This week has been one of those weeks.

For me I caricature God or the angels working hard to help me avoid mistakes and helping me through tricky spots. I find it’s a positive way of looking at life’s bumpy roads and it makes me smile and reminds me of the bigger picture. 

On to this week, God has been busy with me through the words of earthly saints this week. Bringing new awareness into my life, painful at times but honest, leading me towards healing, pointing me to Jesus. One saint in particular helped reveal hidden things buried inside my heart.

Two saints have helped me begin transitioning to a healthier life style, (hense the photo!) these same saints have just inspired my boots off, by their openness and upholding of a vision of christian community and a church that is real. It makes me want to worship God in thankfulness. 

Another saint stood in front of people, and reminded us of a church that is so real it goes beyond social pleasantries. Together (I paraphrase) get into the hot tub of deeper relationships and deeper connection with the Lord. The image of church community being in a hot tub is a little awkward, but there is a deeper message of connectedness, breaking down of barriers, acceptance and the sheer delight of being in a hot tub. 

I post this on the seventh day, when according to the book of Genesis God rested because seeing all that had been done and declared it was good. This week has been a bit of a journey but I arrive today and echo the lords sentiment, it is good.

On one level it would be lovely for me to tell you, who these people were that God used, but that would discolour the purpose of their words and encouragement, which is to draw near to God, to abide in God, to glorify God. Ultimately to be reminded, that Gods’ love is sufficient and I am approved off. Amen to that.

This posts top photo is of my lunch yesterday. Which would normally be a packet of crisps and some can of tinned soup or maybe something more unhealthy. I found that it took me ages to eat what I had made, not because cheese bread sticks, crackers, carrots and red pepper humous, didn’t taste good, but it really, really filled me up and lasted until dinner! Which was not what I was expecting!

I wonder which saints you will speak through this week! Go well my brothers and sisters in Christ, and go with God, keeping your eyes open and ears tuned to Gods voice.

my aproval 1

There’s A Cure

I’ve never had food poisoning or been bitten by a snake but understand it’s pretty grim. The victim needs to get rid of the poison as quickly as possible for them to recover. But there is another kind of poison that can affect us all. 

Hidden in the narrative that surrounds us, are words that can poison a persons heart, and spirit, these words deliver a payload that can tear apart your life, manifest itself in many things and in many ways. You only have to look at how the young are effected by the narrative of a so called perfect body type, leading to depression, mental health issues and tragically in some cases suicide.

But I believe that there is hope, I believe that there is a cure, an antidote to this kind of poison. from my experience I offer this two stage process: 

Step one, recognition. Taking a long hard look at yourself as it were, highlighting in  you those attitudes that have landed you in trouble or a deep dissatisfaction of your current situation. Kneeling in prayer before the Lord ask a question. Lord how have I ended up here, what and who have I been listening to or acting on that has brought me here to my knees. Take as long as you need to discern and reflect.

Step two, forgiveness, there is a deep need to be forgiven, both to forgive myself for getting duped by a particular narrative and allowing it to twist my actions and words. It was important to know that God didn’t hold it against me. Thirdly in no particular order is to seek forgiveness from people. In the owning of my behaviour I sort to apologise. I dithered about this final part of the cure but found grace and acceptance from most people and ultimately healing. 

From a place of recognition and forgiveness, we can recognise this kind of poison and defend ourselves and continue on the road to where the lord needs us to be, rather than tangled up in the snares and traps of poisonous narratives or as paul puts it in Ephesians chapter 4 the cunningness of mankind.

Does this mean there wont be other struggles, of course not, but its perhaps a starting place to walking deeper with a God who loves us and sends the Holy Spirit as our helper, counsellor and guide.

May he guide you through the traps of life, may the peace of healing be brought into your life and may you experience grace and renewal, from the one who knows all our weaknesses and struggles, and holds out a helping hand.

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Unlikely Heroes and Heroines

The Avengers, Superman, Super girl, men and women in a range of uniforms, and of course the accidental hero who is in the right place at the right time to jump onto train tracks to save someone, pull someone from a burning building, and they who administer first aid and save a life or a limb. These are classic hero’s, people we easily imbue with that social status.

I wonder if however, the media and our society needs a more evolved image of a hero. How about the amputee or stroke victim learning to walk, or even feed themselves. The women in chronic pain who can only get up from her bed for eight minutes every few hours. The man with depression whether undiagnosed or treated, who decides to engage with the world outside of his head when all he wants to do is curl up and cry. Are they not also heroes, do they not also struggle against all the odds to overcome? Indeed they do. They show immense willpower, and I am in awe of them.

However instead of seeing such people as heroes society tends to often seen them weakened or somehow less. Somehow rather than seeing the whole person or their potential, they are instead labeled by what ails them, rather than what they can accomplish.

I too have fallen into the trap, of seeing people defined as their disease, or infirmity not as more than what afflicts them. But as i have evolved myself i have come to see such people as the heroes they are, as i would think Jesus sees them.

Jesus whilst on earth, healed as many heroes as he could and the church today continues that work. Or at least it should of bringing healing, of drawing attention to the heroes and heroines who struggle and get back up over and over to go again.

Recently I was sick and as I lay in my darkened room in pain, I thought of those for home its every day they feel like that, and it doesn’t go away after a few days. it lasts and lasts and gnaws at there very bones.

So perhaps lets redefine a hero, not as someone who will always over come and save the day with there superpowers, but as people who when they get knocked down they get back up over and over.

Finally in the poem the footprints in the sand we are reminded of a God who not just walks beside us, but in our deepest moments of weakness carries us, that is why there is one set of footprints. Every hero needs someone, Superman, had his adoptive parents, Batman has his butler, and so on and so forth. We all need someone, the Christian it Is Jesus, the Jesus who knows our name, the number of hairs upon our head and are coming and going. We can lean on him, In need him we find how to be but hero or heroine for others.

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