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Airplane Mode In 3.2.1…

Recently I took a trip back to the 1990’s! Where internet was slow and scarce and mobile data was infuriatingly slow. Yes you might have guessed it, I moved house and am having to wait weeks for the pure juiciness of the internet to be connected to the house.

During these weeks, I can be found intensely searching for the elusive golden number and letter of basic internet accessibility, that being 3G. My wife also joined this quest for internet, and found a spot in a corner of a wall in our house, next to the front door, on her knees. Here and here alone she can just get a whiff of 3G. As for myself, I found success in the caf├ęs of Starbucks, Costa and Nero, but am unsure if I can or should charge the accompanying lattes and cookies consumed there to work or not!!

In this period of near internet isolation, certain apps have become more important to me, such as, signal strength permitting wordpress, and Facebook, but also Daily Bread (a christian devotional guide). I can’t access my usual app hangouts of YouTube, and flipboard because of a lack of signal strength. So I read the bible and devotional guide in Daily Bread, an Ipad app I hardly use despite having a yearly subscription, something I am not proud of.

When normal service resumes, which is the end of this week, and my devices are drinking from the fountain of the data highway. Along with myself consuming gigabytes of video and social media content, I hope that my devotional app doesn’t take a backseat but remains in contention with all the noise in my life. For it is this still small voice of God, that this app points to me towards, the voice in my life that should be louder than the bleep of a message landing in my inbox or the wolf whistle of a tweet, or the stats page of this blog.

In this slight blackout the world didn’t end, life continued, I had more time to chat to others, and even felt a bit more in control of my life. As my devices were silenced from their collective demands for my attention.

The lack of internet has brought a new level of quietness to my life. I was no longer chained to my devices in the same way, and had space to listen for what the Lord is saying to me. Especially important as I take up a new church leadership position.

I hope I have learnt a valuable lesson in these few weeks. Perhaps an out working of that is that I might go unplugged sometimes. Instead plugging myself into what the Lord of creation the God that speaks to us is saying and calling me towards, something none of us need good signal strength for.

So my dear reader, let us consider how to reduce the data noise in our lives, and choose to intentionally switch on airplane mode more often. Not just that we fly with God more often and soar with him, in away that allows us to really live and see our lives differently. Moreover that by switching to airplane mode, we become more present in the now, of that person closest to us who wants and deserves our attention.

So on 1 if you are able let’s flip that switch, 3.2 (see you next week) 1…


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