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Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

2016 was a great year for my blog in some ways. In other ways it highlighted for me the tension between weekly blogging and full-time ministry which can be pretty incompatible at times!

So we find ourselves in February of 2017 with my love of blogging intact coupled wth my new enthusiasm for photography.

This year brings some changes. Firstly I have refreshed my blog which can now be accessed at http://www.godlifechurch.wordpress.com or at the original URL http://www.godlifechurch.me,  as well as facebook. The Blogging has branched out into photography as well and I am proud to introduce to you my new photography portfolio www.glcphotography.co.uk, where you can browse the gallery or purchase quality photography based products from the UK based Print Studio.

My hope for this year that I will find a better rhythm for my creative pursuits, blogging a few times a month and taking photographs as well as space for God family and church. I am excited to see what 2017 has in store and hope you enjoy the changes to my two sites and the new journey we are now on.

A Faith That Inspires

As a fan of watching England play rugby (at least when they are winning) I would look forward to whenever Jonny Wilkinson walked onto the pitch, or prepared for a kick. You knew the other team would be nervous. He was a game changer or a play maker, in the league of other sporting greats, like David Beckham, Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, Jessica Ennis-Hill, and Paula Radcliffe.  Their presence and talent would raise the game of others and the expectation of the crowd.

Their actions could change not only the dynamic of the game or a race, but also the team. There are players like that in all sports.  They are the fans’ heroes, going onto the field of sport carrying our expectations on their shoulders as well as their own hopes of sporting glory.

We may be able to name our sporting heroes easily or perhaps we have heroes in other areas of our lives that we are fans of and that we follow on twitter.  But what if we are in the same field of life as them, involved in the same sport or the same area of academia or research?  How does our hero inspire us?  How do they move us to be more that the sum of our parts?  How do they cause us to raise our own game?

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Is Messy Church Really For Kids?

Messy Church is just for children, right? So as churches we focus our crafts, food, worship at these cherished mini adults with varying degrees of success and perhaps that’s fine?

A bit of background first.  Over recent years as churches and denominations there has been an increasing focus and emphasis on what makes us church, both structurally and as believers.  Especially in terms of what we believe spiritually and theologically about God and as we come to terms with an increasingly diverse spiritual and religiously pluralistic context. On the most part we realise we have to refocus ourselves, and our ecclesiastical emphasis, on Jesus.

From this continuing period of reflection on who and what God wants us to be, religious movements have sprung up that have become church in their own right, just as the Methodist church did 300 years ago. Messy Church, its what is known for the uninitiated as a fresh expression of church. These and similar expressions of church, have flourished in recent years and found their identity having emerged across a 8 stage process, see below.  

FX journey

The FX of Church Journey

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New Year, New Resolutions

In July last year I started running, I began with buying some running shoes then an outfit. I progressed little by little, which took time and frustration, as well as the odd injury, before I could begin running longer distances and faster speeds. I am now healthier and a little lighter than I was before I started which is brilliant.

I am mentioning this as away of reminding myself and us of the need to take our discipleship seriously.  Lets begin with the goal of just listening to God more and reading our bibles, rather than saving the world or getting our special pass into sainthood!

For some of us we gave up making New Years resolutions years ago. But perhaps this time, set a date, put it in the diary when you will set a plan in motion. A plan that commits you to walk closer with Jesus this coming year, I promise you the results will be unexpected. As you pray more, read scripture more and gather with your brothers and sisters in Christ, for the up in and out of discipleship, our worship, our growth and witness of Jesus Christ will develop far more than we can imagine or hope.

Happy New Year.

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