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Directions To Jesus

Continuing our month of summer devotionals I wonder how signposts have been useful in our lives? I wonder then in what ways have people been signposts for us?

Like most people I love to explore new places, I especially enjoy cycling and driving. However, I do have a tendency to get lost rather easily!

For the most part this is okay as I have my in-car satnav and also Siri on my phone, they will patiently guide me to my destination, or recalculate the route when I ignore the directions because I think I know best, which of course I don’t!

Part of getting lost occasionally means I need to ask for directions. Which sometimes unfolds in this way:

Me: “Excuse me could you tell me the way to …?”

Passerby leaning into my window: “Sure, you go down here, turn left, at the traffic lights turn right, when you make it to the mini roundabout go straight over…

As they continue their helpful directions, my mind begins to wonder, so much so I forget the directions they are telling me and wish that they would stop talking! I do thank them for the directions when they have finished and am none-the-wiser on where I need to be!

Paul in the book of Acts chapter 19, metaphorically leans into the window of the lives of a group of Christians in Ephesus. He asks them directly, have you received the Holy Spirit? However, this group has neither received the Holy Spirit or heard of Jesus, having only received the baptism of John.

So Paul becomes a signpost for them, just as John the Baptist was a signpost pointing people to Jesus. Paul becomes a signpost pointing to the one who is risen from the dead, helping the lost traveller like myself, find their way.

How do we show people the way, in such a manner that means that they don’t switch off halfway through the conversation?

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