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Slave (to the schedule)

Help me, I am bound, shackled to a monster, who tirelessly whips me with the corse edges of dates, the barbs of endless entries in my schedule, it mocks me and tries to shred my professional veneer. Even Siri (the voice of my schedule and Apples automated personal assistant) joins in with its chirpy voice:

“You have 15 appointments today.”

Then adds, as if to pour heated coals on my head.

“That’s a lot”!!

The bible tells me I am free, that I am only a slave to christ, in whom I find rest, contentment and purpose.

Therefore, I have a dream, that the diary will no longer shackle and define me, that we will know what it is to be liberated when we have taken back control and tamed the beast the diary can become. That there will be a partnership between humankind and our diaries. That isn’t about who has the power so much, but how life is managed and enriched, that the joys as well as work commitments can intermingle in harmony on its pages and in our hearts.

I have a dream that my kids won’t complain when daddy’s got another meeting or working late, or is two busy to play or too stressed to be able to. But instead he and the diary together maximise those precious moments with my young children and family, moments that matter more to them than I can imagine.

I have a dream that within the relentless schedule of life, mapped out in the diary, that there becomes room for spontaneity, where there is the discovery of the still small voice of God, or the awe moment when a view takes you buy surprise or simply the spontaneity  of kissing the one you love firmly on the lips.

My previous post retreat is not surrender struck a nerve with lots of people, so I thought to encourage you, that we do not need to be slaves to the schedule, as hard as that might be. As I said to a church member on sunday, sometimes taking a break in the schedule to make things calm down can take a few weeks to be implemented. Taking a break can’t always be achieved straight away.

Five years ago when I became a minister, in the Methodist church, I promised myself that I wouldn’t be like those ‘other ministers’ who run around all day and hear the fateful words from congregations “I know your busy but…?”. This naive notion didn’t last long. The schedule is a battle ground, to win space, achieve time with family, times for spiritual nourishment and more besides. I believe that the battle can be won, because frankly the cost of losing the war is too high. What is the cost? Well, that maybe different for you and I, for me largely, it’s loosing touch with family, what my kids are up to, not knowing the funny story or sad moment I didn’t have time to hear.

So go with God. Win those battles, find that harmony, you and I are and need not be slaves, but free people.


How Time Fly’s

It has been a while since I posted last! Some one noted that my blogs are getting shorter and shorter, which relates to time, in that I never seem to have enough of it! I fear that I have become a slave to time promising to people, optimistically, that busyness wouldn’t overwhelm me but it has.

Though just at the minute I feel though I am coming up for air, placing (or trying to) prayer at the centre of what I do, rather than my diary. It was a good lesson to learn, the other is this that before i am Reverend, or church leader, or even husband, I am indeed and fully a disciple of Jesus.

disciple who wrestles like any one else, with work life balance, a disciple who doesn’t all ways get it right or pray enough or read the bible enough. A disciple who has been given huge responsibility which he tries to live up to, and trusting that the lord hasn’t made a mistake in sending me! ministry is pretty awesome really, I can go from comforting a widow to visiting the sick and then jumping around like a loon at messy church, but God is present in all those occasions, same God, comforter, helper, and a God who loves life in all its fullness.

Early skirmishes with the schedule

Just a brief update today. My battle rages on with my schedule, it is now 2010. Am hoping that for a quiter February,  hoping thr is here and its all a bit hetic, My aim for this next little while is to regulate my time better, not try and run at light speed all the time. This may mean spending time with my wife more, relaxing with good friends and playing on my xbox and watching TV a little less, well I’ll give it a go, it is lent soon after all!

Diary Melts


Hi readers, is it November already!?! This ministry ride is very intense, I am keeping up, but am surprised my diary hasn’t melted with its intensive use. I had meant to post more regularly but my schedule is crazy and finding time is tough. Yet despite the three funerals this week and lack of prep time for preaching or indeed anything! I am still loving working for the church, and just beginning to sniff out what the lords plan might be here, which is exciting, I need to keep listening to people, to hear what the lord is saying as well take time out with the boss.

On a completely other tack I am trying to work out at the gym to try to lose some of my winter blubber, its tough but I must keep going.

speak soon


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