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There’s A Cure

I’ve never had food poisoning or been bitten by a snake but understand it’s pretty grim. The victim needs to get rid of the poison as quickly as possible for them to recover. But there is another kind of poison that can affect us all. 

Hidden in the narrative that surrounds us, are words that can poison a persons heart, and spirit, these words deliver a payload that can tear apart your life, manifest itself in many things and in many ways. You only have to look at how the young are effected by the narrative of a so called perfect body type, leading to depression, mental health issues and tragically in some cases suicide.

But I believe that there is hope, I believe that there is a cure, an antidote to this kind of poison. from my experience I offer this two stage process: 

Step one, recognition. Taking a long hard look at yourself as it were, highlighting in  you those attitudes that have landed you in trouble or a deep dissatisfaction of your current situation. Kneeling in prayer before the Lord ask a question. Lord how have I ended up here, what and who have I been listening to or acting on that has brought me here to my knees. Take as long as you need to discern and reflect.

Step two, forgiveness, there is a deep need to be forgiven, both to forgive myself for getting duped by a particular narrative and allowing it to twist my actions and words. It was important to know that God didn’t hold it against me. Thirdly in no particular order is to seek forgiveness from people. In the owning of my behaviour I sort to apologise. I dithered about this final part of the cure but found grace and acceptance from most people and ultimately healing. 

From a place of recognition and forgiveness, we can recognise this kind of poison and defend ourselves and continue on the road to where the lord needs us to be, rather than tangled up in the snares and traps of poisonous narratives or as paul puts it in Ephesians chapter 4 the cunningness of mankind.

Does this mean there wont be other struggles, of course not, but its perhaps a starting place to walking deeper with a God who loves us and sends the Holy Spirit as our helper, counsellor and guide.

May he guide you through the traps of life, may the peace of healing be brought into your life and may you experience grace and renewal, from the one who knows all our weaknesses and struggles, and holds out a helping hand.

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