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Finding Gratitude in Christmas

Feet toasting by a warm fire, dog outstretched, worshipping its inviting warmth. Kids are asleep in bed, yourself and your partner are reading quietly in tall backed armchairs. You notice the person across from you smile at some line that has amused them in the novel they are reading and all is well with the world.

Christmas Day the kids rush downstairs to get their presents and rush to embrace you and tell you excitedly what Santa has brought. As they open their gifts they instinctively fling their arms around you, expressing their love with every ounce of pressure they can muster.

Mid-morning excited children and their families attend church, the young ones can hardly contain their joyful anticipation at the opportunity to show the congregation what Santa brought them.

Relaxed and well-slept adults would chat drinking a warm beverage and munching mince pies before the service and later listen whilst listen to a witty and informative sermon.

Christmas television illustrates Christmas perfection and our memories can collude with the narrative we tell ourselves of Christmas’s past.
When everything was cheaper and people were somehow happier. Times when Carol singers would sing at your doorstep and everything would be wonderful. Snow would have fallen but not so much to hinder our plans, but enough so we could build a snowman.

It’s nearly time for Christmas dinner and all the trimmings, perhaps your dinner is on a plate made of china, metal, polystyrene, or eaten from a disused carton you found in a bin.

Wherever your feet find rest, or however you eat that day. At the end of the day, may you find peace, whether you are hopeful or hurting, full or famished.

Would the real Santa please stand up

He gave of himself sacrificially for others,
He fed the hungry,
Helped the poor,
Was a great leader of many
Was humble
So who is it?
He Spoke up for the kingdom of God
His actions matched his words.
He lived the colour of his creed.
Millions upon millions believe in him
Millions communicate with him
What’s his name?
We remember him especially around Christmas
Most have a child like faith in him.
He lived a really long time ago.
Who am I talking about?

As my son would say, the real Santa of course lol

Merry Christmas everyone.

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