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7 Sec. Of Faith Sharing

Seeing Things differently.

Optical illusions such as the two vases, or the saxophone player have been around awhile. Illustrating for us how people can see images differently. With that in mind, I wonder what you see when you look at Jesus, and what does your Jesus look like? What impression does He give to you, anger, love, conviction or something else?

The Christ We Share materiel is a set of images of Jesus and poses the same question of what does your jesus look like. The questions that accompany are focused around what image you relate to and speak to others from. So who is the christ we share? What might that look feel like to others?

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Slave (to the schedule)

Help me, I am bound, shackled to a monster, who tirelessly whips me with the corse edges of dates, the barbs of endless entries in my schedule, it mocks me and tries to shred my professional veneer. Even Siri (the voice of my schedule and Apples automated personal assistant) joins in with its chirpy voice:

“You have 15 appointments today.”

Then adds, as if to pour heated coals on my head.

“That’s a lot”!!

The bible tells me I am free, that I am only a slave to christ, in whom I find rest, contentment and purpose.

Therefore, I have a dream, that the diary will no longer shackle and define me, that we will know what it is to be liberated when we have taken back control and tamed the beast the diary can become. That there will be a partnership between humankind and our diaries. That isn’t about who has the power so much, but how life is managed and enriched, that the joys as well as work commitments can intermingle in harmony on its pages and in our hearts.

I have a dream that my kids won’t complain when daddy’s got another meeting or working late, or is two busy to play or too stressed to be able to. But instead he and the diary together maximise those precious moments with my young children and family, moments that matter more to them than I can imagine.

I have a dream that within the relentless schedule of life, mapped out in the diary, that there becomes room for spontaneity, where there is the discovery of the still small voice of God, or the awe moment when a view takes you buy surprise or simply the spontaneity  of kissing the one you love firmly on the lips.

My previous post retreat is not surrender struck a nerve with lots of people, so I thought to encourage you, that we do not need to be slaves to the schedule, as hard as that might be. As I said to a church member on sunday, sometimes taking a break in the schedule to make things calm down can take a few weeks to be implemented. Taking a break can’t always be achieved straight away.

Five years ago when I became a minister, in the Methodist church, I promised myself that I wouldn’t be like those ‘other ministers’ who run around all day and hear the fateful words from congregations “I know your busy but…?”. This naive notion didn’t last long. The schedule is a battle ground, to win space, achieve time with family, times for spiritual nourishment and more besides. I believe that the battle can be won, because frankly the cost of losing the war is too high. What is the cost? Well, that maybe different for you and I, for me largely, it’s loosing touch with family, what my kids are up to, not knowing the funny story or sad moment I didn’t have time to hear.

So go with God. Win those battles, find that harmony, you and I are and need not be slaves, but free people.


Easter Saturday

On Easter Saturday, i wonder what one of the disciples might have put into their diary, (if they had one) perhaps something a little like this.

Dear Diary,

 I have been taken for a fool, I feel embarrassed, how could i have fallen for, Jesus lines, about newness of life. Was everything he said a lie? His miracles, were they just tricks? Does God even exist beyond the temple courts and religious trapping?

A God I believed and which Jesus spoke of, that knew my name, the numbers of hairs on my head, a God who says i am more important than the birds of the field. How could i have been so stupid, Jesus took our hope to the cross and with him it died.

I cant face tomorrow, its so hard, I hide from the jeers of others and the laughter. It seams everyone else saw through Jesus, and stupid dumb, overoptimistic me, believed, and ridiculously still hopes something will happen. But who ever heard someone walking away from crucifixion!

I’m so pathetic.


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