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Weight Loss

This is not a story of dramatic weight loss or how I got to a healthy weight but about a journey. My weight has bothered me for years, since bible college over 12 years ago. I have always wanted to loose weight, but lacked the will power and motivation. I tried weight watchers, and dieting, various exercise regimes but didn’t stick at it.

Then one day a year or so ago I watched a guy on YouTube shay Carl, loose 200lb or 14.2 stone! He kept saying a mantra which was “persistence over time and you will hit your goal.” This kinda got in my head, and I started to believe it was possible. I no way needed to loose 200lb but a modest 50lb and I began to believe it might be possible.

So taking his mantra, this year I began to run three times a week (see running man post) and I saw immediate weight loss. But realised quickly, that if this was going to be part of a lasting life style change, that this weight loss was superficial, for authentic weight loss I need to regulate my eating as well, not just increase my exercise so I can eat what I want and loose weight!

It’s a battle and a real challenge to say no to the extra portion or chocolate, especially when I am tired at the end of the day. I don’t always manage to say no and have some weeks dropped back to old eating habits, but I get back up and mentally force myself to eat healthier next time. Part of that motivation is that I am 39 this year.

It helps that my wife and kids trying to eat healthy along with me and so I am not doing this alone, but I don’t get as excited by the sticker chart as the kids do! The app “my fitness pal” is good at keeping a running total on calorie intake, but the battle is won and lost in the choice the moment between myself and the food looking up or across at me willing you to dive in! It’s in that nano moment where I have to ask myself:
Do I want to change?
Do I believe it is possible, no matter how long it will take to be healthy?

I have said yes most of the time and I am currently a good stone healthier, each pound I loose I visualise it and and determined to not put it back on.

Loosing my one stone has meant for me, my clothes fit better, my asthma is minimal, I look in the mirror and like what I see more than I did. There is work still to do and a daily decision to make, to keep changing to keep striving for the goal I believe now I can make.

I am realistic about how hard this is and that its not a quick fix, I hope to be healthy by the time i am 40. We can be duped into thinking there are easy routes to weight loss, but that’s just not true for life long weight loss and fitness, I believe it is about a life decision to change. So exercise and eating the right amount of food will mean, I hope, for a better standard of living for myself, and being around longer with my kids and (eventually) grand kids.

I am no great guru in this, there is no DVD or book, I don’t have amazing willpower or self control, I am not qualified, but I am determined before God and those nearest and dearest, to not loose the conflict being waged between me and my waist line. To actually change for the better, to be healthy and happier.

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