Starting Over With God

Hope your summer is going well, this week we dig up an old post and ponder if there are moments for all of us when  we need to, metaphorically speaking, press our restart button. This might be because of the day we have had, a decision we have made or something that has been done in our name or to us.

When we press restart on our tablet or computer the logo of its maker appears briefly as it boots into its operating system. As a person, I wonder what the logo in your reboot procedure looks like when you press restart.

For me, it is the cross, a reminder of sacrifice and redemption. In amongst the chaos of a day littered around me, and in the business of life I find myself at the foot of the cross in prayer.

To restart for me at least, the cross is where I rebuild from, recognising my need for Christ’s love, hope and above all grace-filled forgiveness.

As you restart, wherever you are and in whatever way is helpful, may my God be with you and made known to you.

Originally Posted on Dchurch

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