Missional Thinking: Gone Fishing

Across the 2016 summer break, posts will be more reflective and today we consider what it means to go fishing, In terms of our mission and outreach as the church.

Tomorrow I go fishing, with my son and a friend of ours, who has fished before.
I have no idea what to expect and am a novice at this fishing thing. I am not even sure I will enjoy it!

Father_and_son_fishing_little_boy_helps_his_father_to_fishBegrudgingly I am going because my ten year old has nagged me for months. Early last year we got given some second-hand fishing gear, that has stayed unpacked and unused in our garage. Now it is time to use it!

There is plenty in scripture about fishing, there are quotes about “fishing for men” and stories about nets being full to breaking when Jesus, tells the disciples to throw the nets on the other side of the boat.

For me it’s this, tomorrow I learn now to fish, I have mixed feelings about it and am not sure I want to go at all.

I have a nervousness in my stomach similar to that nervousness perhaps when you cross the threshold into a church for the first time or encounter an opportunity to share your faith.

I take heart that the person teaching me knows what he is doing and by the end of the experience I will know a thing or two about fishing. Or put it another way, I am being schooled or discipled in the art of fishing. Just as we are discipled as Christians, who is disciplining us matters, what they are investing in us means something and produces in us new skills.

So my son and I are stepping into something new together, we will learn a new skill at the same time. As we do church together what things of God are we sharing and what ways of discipleship are we offering to those who accompany us on the journey, from old to new? I wonder what experiences or skills of the path that is behind us, will help us for the way ahead?

Have you ever been fishing and do you like it?

What main faith experiences are useful as we journey together?

What do we need to put to one side, to enable us to become more like the people, God is calling us to be?

Finally, I don’t know what fishing will mean for me or my son by the end of tomorrow. We may hate it, or love it. One thing for sure is that experiencing it together as father and son, will have added value to our experience of our life together.

Let’s go fishing.

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