A Faith That Inspires

As a fan of watching England play rugby (at least when they are winning) I would look forward to whenever Jonny Wilkinson walked onto the pitch, or prepared for a kick. You knew the other team would be nervous. He was a game changer or a play maker, in the league of other sporting greats, like David Beckham, Usain Bolt, Roger Federer, Jessica Ennis-Hill, and Paula Radcliffe.  Their presence and talent would raise the game of others and the expectation of the crowd.

Their actions could change not only the dynamic of the game or a race, but also the team. There are players like that in all sports.  They are the fans’ heroes, going onto the field of sport carrying our expectations on their shoulders as well as their own hopes of sporting glory.

We may be able to name our sporting heroes easily or perhaps we have heroes in other areas of our lives that we are fans of and that we follow on twitter.  But what if we are in the same field of life as them, involved in the same sport or the same area of academia or research?  How does our hero inspire us?  How do they move us to be more that the sum of our parts?  How do they cause us to raise our own game?

Taking this idea, let’s move for a moment to something deeper; apart from Jesus, where can we find such people in church? Indeed, do we find such people in church? Is it more than being a fan of a Christian band or particular preacher?  I wonder who inspired you deeply to keep faith with the living God. Who challenges you to be more than the sum of your parts?

This may seem a strange concept because surely discipleship should be focused on scripture, worship and our prayer life (yes, yes and yes!).  However, could it be possible that God puts people in our path?  An example is Mordecai in the book of Esther, who inspired her to have courage and to trust God; the fulfilment of that was Esther becoming queen.

So, what people are in your life? Who raises your expectation of what God is doing and what you might be called to?  More than that, who causes you to want more of God?

It isn’t hero worship in the traditional sense, but is seeing in others what God is doing and realising that God is calling you as well. From that new knowledge there is a renewal of spirit, vision and purpose.

I would like us also to consider how do we do that for others? How are we the game changer? How do we inspire others?  We may not realise or know the effect we have on others, the knowledge of which could cause our egos to bloat or make the burden of expectation to hang weightily around our shoulders. It’s probably best not to know!

It is quite possible that there are people who look up to you as much as you look up to others.  It is quite possible you are the hero as well as the fan of a hero.  Let’s keep being reminded that this is a Christian hero… someone who inspires us and motivates us to change or take the next step on the journey. Looking to the end game, although I could never kick like Jonny Wilkinson, lead with integrity like Nelson Mandela or preach like Billy Graham, I can aim in the right direction, finding my own way and growing into the person God calls all of us to become.


  1. Beckie says:

    “So, what people are in your life? Who raises your expectation of what God is doing and what you might be called to? More than that, who causes you to want more of God?”

    Great questions. Very challenging. Will be taking a look at my life for sure!


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