Does Hope Have A Chance Today?

You turn on the news or read an article in a newspaper hoping to find lots of positive, encouraging stories that communicate the best of humanity, offering a balanced diet of hope rather than overwhelming negativity.

Certainly this would be great to experience, rather than the information diet we get.  The BBC, like other news outlets, argues that essentially it is our fault! Positive news doesn’t sell well for some reason.


“…newspapers and TV broadcasts are filled with disaster, corruption and incompetence because we’re drawn to depressing stories without realising”, says psychologist Tom Stafford.”

What Hope is Up Against.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for the news corporations, a recent Gallup poll tells us that the world actually is marginally more depressing and has been on an increasing downward slide for the last 9 years! This is especially true for people who live, you guessed it, in the Middle East.

Respondents were asked, “Did you experience the following feelings during much of yesterday? How about physical pain…sadness…stress…anger? 

“People living in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region report the highest negative emotions in the world and have done so since Gallup began tracking this index in 2006”

It’s more than just negative situations.  The tone and narrative of some of that reporting of the way people speak of each other, or indeed presidential candidates speak of other people, seems to be increasingly aggressive, pursuing a negative agenda and fear mongering along with ostracising the outcast.

“The voices of moderation and grace are too often drowned out by the diatribe of misinformed accusations and negativity. “


Even if the information is informed or there is a grain of truth in it, it is said with such venom that you just hear it as an angry rant, from people (sometimes leaders) who frankly should know better.

Grandma Could Tell them About Hope

My Grandma would say in her rich and warm northern accent, whilst wagging her bony finger at you, “If you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.”

These words have the same truth today. Imagine a world in which people were more thoughtful in what they say to one another, where each syllable was seasoned with grace rather than malice or disinterest and where we were willing to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.

Seek Kingdom Of God

Matthew 6:33 Seek First the Kingdom Of God

The Church Stands For Something More.

If the kingdom of God stands for something, it is the value of upholding the best in each other. As people made in the image of God, it is the place where the widow, orphan, foreigner and sinner are welcomed.

It might be a perception of the church that we are all holy saints that dwell within its walls. Well I am not a saint. Are you? I sin. Sin is defined as whatever separates us from God.  It is less about a list of ‘do nots’, rather it is about what breaks the relationship between you and God, what gets in the way.  Whatever that is, it could be defined as sin.

The hopeful reality that the church can remind society of is beautifully summed up in the lyrics from the song Same Love.

When I was in church, they taught me something else
If you preach hate at the service those words aren’t anointed
And that Holy Water that you soak in is then poisoned
When everyone else is more comfortable remaining voiceless
Rather than fighting for humans, that have had their rights stolen.
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – Same Love Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Let’s not be a member of the voiceless. The rights of all are at stake so let’s not be ‘OK’ with the status quo, but be willing to stand for something deeper, better and holy.

For a God who calls neighbours to love one another, that justice might be done for all; that people have the right to live, love, and be free; that the only limitation to human life is not what’s in their wallet, but instead the limit of imagination, within the will of a God in whose image we are made, cherished and loved.

I wonder what it takes for news corporations to give us a more balanced diet of news. I wonder what it might take for the Gallup world negativity index to fall.

It begins with us…

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