1 Step Towards a Healthier You

There is nothing quite like that first waft of chocolate hitting the nostrils when you open the Easter egg box. Each of us has our own rituals, I’m sure.  I like to take all of my eggs and break them up in a tub so that for the days to come I have a lucky dip of chocolate delights.

Let me explain the step we need to take to become healthier Whilst eating your easter egg. Easter, perhaps more than any other point in the year, offers us the opportunity for a fresh start, to take hold of our health in a new way.

The Background!

In taking the step for a healthier you, your sense of what’s important will shift over time.  You will realise how deeply you are loved, regardless of where you might find yourself in the circumstances that surround you. You will realise that your regrets and failures are of no consequence moving forward, that they don’t count against you, you are not judged for your past indiscretions, you become free.

Four_Easter_cupcakes_with_chocolate_eggs,_March_2008In making the decision to become healthier, you will become lighter.  Your scales may not reflect this but they are not calibrated properly for the kind of weight loss you will be experiencing!

There is of course a health warning; it’s not easy taking this step, making this choice, acting upon the decision you might make.

In amongst the regrets of your chocolate haze, or the moment when you realise that you’ve eaten too much, consider these three words for yourself.  Three words that are the first step to a healthier you – someone who is proportionately less encumbered than the average person by not feeling the pressure to have a fat wallet and a slim waistline.

3 Important Words


Are you ready for the three words? You may well have already guessed what they might be.  You may have indeed stopped reading, already knowing that this kind of change is too much of a challenge, too difficult and too hard.

Step 1:

God is love. Just that and nothing else at this point.  No deep theological discussion, no altar call, no walking down the front to give your life for something. Just, in this moment consider, reflect and inwardly digest those three words, ‘God is love’.

Those three words are the first step to becoming healthier. Realising that God is love challenges any negativity you might feel and the underlying assumption that God might be mad with you for some reason. A view sometimes shared and occasionally portrayed by people in church, and the guy on the street shouting at you and waving his Bible!

God is love, communicates something of both the nature of who God is, and what God might feel about you. That perhaps God is not to blame for all of the bad but rather for all that is good in your life. That perhaps by allowing yourself to believe you might discover the good inside yourself, a renewed purpose and vision for your future.

pexels-photo-58616A New Start

Lastly, God is love because in amongst the chocolate, the excess, the busyness, he always offers us a new start through his Son at Easter time.

Will you, with me, from the bottom of my empty box of Easter egg chocolate, take up that offer of a fresh start… to be more spiritually, if not physically, healthy?

Happy Easter…

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