New Year Resolutions 101

Change can be a weird thing, it can cause us anxiety and stress and also be exciting and exhilarating. I often feel the challenge to make new years resolutions, but this year, I was inspired by a Facebook post that suggested to its reader, that it would be a good idea instead to not make resolutions, on the grounds simply that we don’t need the pressure!

There is a lot of wisdom in not over burdening yourself, in not piling on the pressure. Its well known and documented that such pressure over time leads to bad health not forgetting along the way, some level of social and familial isolation.

Perhaps rather than making resolutions that are unattainable, sit down by yourself and prayerfully consider if there is anything in your schedule  that can be culled. Alongside that consider what is it that has helped you be the person the Lord is calling you to be more consistently like, and spend time this year investing in those things.

It can be good to aim at something, to set a goal, with achievable steps. However equally freedom can be found in, not setting yourself yet another action point, or another thing to remind yourself off that you haven’t quite done yet.

So I guess you know what is best for you, trust your instinct and in a God who has led you so far and loved and loves you regardless of goal setting or not. Nothing can ever separate us from his love, heights, depths, resolutions, sin, untidiness, poverty or riches.

Finally to the observant you will notice that their have been some changes in design to the blog and along with that I will post occasional pictures and videos along with the regular post content. I felt that I needed to change things up a little and hope you appreciate it.

See you next week and happy new year

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