The Know it all

We all know one I am sure, that person who always has an opinion, and who is basically according to their own standards always right! Whether thats at the bar, in the office of in the church.

The main faith leaders pre-pentecost were the Pharisees, and they don’t get an easy ride with Jesus. It seams like the faith leaders of the time that were more interested in empire rather than kingdom building. Their empires rather than Gods Kingdom.

The status-quo was important to them, because this was their base of power. The modern day rabbi is a descendent of that Pharisaical system. Similar to modern day church leaders the Pharisees and rabbis have an intensive period of training, there is an expectation of theological and biblical scholarship and understanding.

Yet despite their training the Pharisees couldn’t see the wood from the trees as it were, they couldn’t see the gold from the fools gold.  Even Saul with all his learning couldn’t recognise what the christians were saying. Jesus literally knocked him of his horse to make him see!

So what is it that makes church leaders blind, It is the same thing paul was afflicted, with  disease of knowitallism. There appear to be two main types of knowitallism.

Perhaps the first is as a leader, you believe you are right, if not all the time, because of your training and status, your rightness is undisputed. It’s not just about making sure others know how right you are, but more subtly, not valuing the opinion of others, not questioning what you ‘know’ to be true.

Plenty of christians and church leaders have justified all kinds of things, because they knew they were right. You only have to go back a few years to the church leader, and evangelist Harold Camping who knew unwaveringly that the end of the world was ending October 21 2011! He has since graduated to heaven a few years later! We might laugh at Harold Camping’s notion, but people did believe him and their faith would have been rocked as October 21st came and went. We would do well to learn from his mistake.

The other part of this disease is defined by other people’s perception of you, of you being with the expert and all knowing! As church leaders we mustn’t believe our hype! Because as quickly as it came it will go away again.

Knowitallism keeps us doing the same things, keeps the same people in power and stifles creativity and change. The Pharisees we hear about in the New Testament had the disease and were blinded to what God was doing in their midst.

In the service of the community, I hope I don’t sound like I have it all together. Rather I hope that my actions and speech point people to the one who has got it all together, the one who rose from the dead. I hope for those of us who are church leaders, or indeed those who fill our churches, that we are not so blind to what God is doing in our midst, that we have courage, to stand and be counted on his behalf, rather than that of our own agenda.

Have a good week

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