How To Pray- Bruce Almighty Style!

For summer break I am reposting some golden old posts, enjoy! Will be back with fresh material in September. Enjoy and have a great summer. 🙂


Do take a look at the above link first, its brilliant. It’s from Bruce almighty, the bit where God (Morgan freeman) asks Bruce (Jim Carey) to pray. Bruce prays for world peace, and God encourages him to do more, he encourages him to pray from the heart.

Bruce then prays a brilliant prayer about the women he loves that she will be happy and loved, as he (Bruce) loves her through gods eyes! It’s a powerful and emotional prayer.

Hollywood is making an important distinction here between prayer and prayer, the one that is heart-felt and the one that goes no deeper than vocal cords.

I consider myself a praying man, but I am challenged by Bruce Almighty’s character. I wonder if you pray like he does. For me I am not sure I have regularly prayed that way.

Opening up the deep places of our hearts, the depths of our soul, where the demons lurk, where and the scars are hidden, where the things that trigger tears dwell. Is scary, but also the key to a deepening walk with the living God, as we share our darkness and depths with him, we might find our burdens lifted even just a little.

We might just hear God with a greater clarity, and see the world, the poor the hungry, one another, and perhaps ourselves through Gods eyes and in that we become free, as we speak with our most trusted companion.


First published July 2013

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