Where There’s Acceptance There Is Peace.

Reblogged as part if the summer break 2015, enjoy this was originally posed June 2014

There are plenty of examples of global unrest and an extreme lack of peace, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq,…Afghanistan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, to name a few locations. Then there are gang turf wars, divided families and the classic shout of the oppressed child “I hate you!!!” Followed by a door slam and a while later, a request for some money for something or other.

Life is life it has it’s rubbish and it’s gold dust. Well tell me something I don’t know I hear you say! I find peace none existent when I am fighting a 360 degree battle with my schedule, or family commitments, trying to do it all and fit it all in.

I go on the occasional spiritual retreat and as good and refreshing as they are and though they bring be closer to God. I still at some point have to take the junction back on the motorway of…

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