The World Didn’t End!


For summer break I am reposting some golden old posts, enjoy! Will be back with fresh material in September. Enjoy and have a great summer. 🙂

Spent the last few days getting over a nasty sore throat fuzzy head thing, not any fun at all. I was so worried about what would happen, if my ministry to these churches would fall apart? It was quite satisfying to note, however that I could clear my diary with ease, and take the time I needed to get well. Guess what happened, the church didn’t implode, Jesus didn’t return sooner than anticipated, because I was having a few days recuperating from a bug. In fact the world continued to rotate as it always has and will and nothing fell apart at all.

I have listened to some people in various jobs who i think may think they are the glue that holds it all together and they portray their own self importance wherever they go. I am hugely glad to say that I am well and remain reasonably unimportant. Awesome.

originally posted in 2009

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