Prayer & A Promise – Ordination

For summer break I am reposting some golden old posts, enjoy! Will be back with fresh material in September. Enjoy and have a great summer. 🙂

When your prayer is answered by the living God you become aware, in a blink of a moment, that God is present, tangible & close. This can be the most incredible experience, one that stops us in our tracks, causing us to repent, burst into worship, or perhaps run!

In my diary there is a date, it simply says ordination. I have been moving towards this date for some time, a moment where prayer is fulfilled, promises made long ago are ratified, between me and God.

So God and I will meet up, he will be in the guise of a caring family and friends, in hands that will be placed on me and prayers said, and I expect God will make himself felt in a vast array of ways in the air around and in the hearts of the ordianands.

I will be wearing my clerical shirt, can’t decide between grey or karki, my black suite and black shoes, I will be smart and ready for this moment. Of course I could believe what some say about ordination. That nothing happens, or listen to those who say I have high expectations and should lower them.

But do you know what, I wonder for some, wether they expect too little of God. I am not sure you can have too high an expectation of a God who flung stars into space, who decided that it made sense that we should be made in his image. So that we might have a fighting chance of remembering where we are from and who loves us best.

Sure we do need to have an accurate picture of who God is to begin with. Where perhaps the edges are fuzzy but the heart of God is all about the cross. Where he can use all things, do all things, turn all things for his glory. An image of God that doesn’t have me at the centre, or as a spectator, but as a child, being taught, guided, sometimes chastised and regularly affirmed, and forgiven. A child whose heavenly father is meeting him to bestow his blessing, like the fathers of the old testament, like how Jesus blessed his disciples. And how I hope I in turn will be a blessing to my kids and congregations.

Not wanting decry the myriad of ways God blesses us big and small, but i think you might agree, that Ordination is one of those BIG moments where God turns up and blesses you, and I can’t wait.

See you in a bit lord…

Love, Your child

first published June 2012

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