Spiritual Homelessness.

The apostle paul, reminds us that we begin our walk with Jesus craving spiritual milk but there is more, we need to move onto solids! Whatever that means interns of a individual and corporate spirituality.

Presumably like most teenagers I longed to leave home, I longed to be without boundaries that I felt at the time were oppressive. I didn’t see my parents discipline as trying to produce good character within me. Rather I saw their discipline as shackles that incarcerated, and I resented them for it. My kids will probably not be any different!

Sometimes on our faith journey their can be similar feelings, it could be easier to not follow God, to not believe in Jesus. To instead of loving our neighbour, we might think instead of number one! After all most people do that, don’t they.

As I get older it becomes harder to live out my faith in the midst of so many opposing or different ideas, and I have been trying to follow Jesus this April for 25 years. I can’t imagine how much harder it is to take up our faith today, and walking in it as new believers, all the more credit to you my brothers and sisters in Christ.

However there is a difference, between religious structures that oppress and a religiosity that gives us life. A religiosity focused around the life of Jesus, who did nothing else but to liberate the oppressed and of course forgive the weight of humanities sin, what was, is and is yet to come.

Jesus had two rules which summed up the whole of the law, Love God and love your neighbour. Within those two structures we discover what it means to embody Godly living. I find I can live with that, I don’t find loving God to be oppressive, or more demanding, but instead liberating. I find that loving my neighbour as myself, has a mixed response, sometimes my neighbour couldn’t careless, other times they are blessed immeasurably.

Those things that challenge our faith, whether that is doubt, illness or the violence and disregard for the other we see around us. Can make us stronger, more determined to make a difference, more hungry to go deeper into the things of God.

Where are the places we might grow, the communities that will teach us and comfort us, helping us to be weaned from spiritual milk and onto solids. Its more than about what we can do in the spirit or the depth of our theological understanding, though each is important, for me of equal importance is the inner knowledge of being loved, the inner peaceful centredness, on the things of Jesus that anchor us. so that when the storms rage around our lives, we know, really know who we are in God and how he sees us, not just as his children adopted into his family, but airs to the inheritance he has for each of us.

Go In Peace.

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