Jack Bauer and Jesus- you’re not alone!


The overarching narrative of Jack Bauer’s life could be summed up in the following phrase, doing whatever it takes at all costs to get the job done. Those costs for him include crossing moral and legal boundaries to achieve goals, which ultimately save lives and protect. It leaves Jack Bauer as ever isolated and alone, the cost to him personally is self-evident. Jack sees himself as an island, he has an overarching understanding, a vision, of how things should be.


Like Jack Jesus understands the idea of doing whatever it takes to get the job done means, like Jack Jesus sacrifices himself for others, like Jack,  Jesus has a bigger and broader vision of how things should be. Of what justice should look like. Jesus and Jack of course go about things very differently indeed! But there is something hopeful in the message of jack and Jesus!

The hope is found in seeing yourself in the context, of something larger than your current situation. That you are valuable and worth something to someone, and indeed to God. For those of us for whom life is difficult, and harsh. Whether that is comments or actions of others all internal demons that we face. Having that overarching sense of being part of something bigger than ourselves is helpful. That we are both children of God and called by God to something bigger than ourselves. I can relate to the idea of doing whatever it takes, as long as what ever it takes honours God, and is in line with his calling upon our lives. A calling to love one another, even if they are our enemies!

So for the lonely, the lost, the broken, there is hope. Hope rooted in God who has gone the extra mile for you. Has literally done whatever it takes at all costs, so you know you are loved, a cherished child of God. That no matter what others say, or may do, or however they treat you, the Lord sees you, knows you and loves you.

Sometimes in ministry and indeed life, it is easy to think of ourselves as an island, always looking over your shoulder, always wondering what the meaning behind the words of others might be. I invite us to not think of ourselves as an island, but instead that we are on an island that does not belong to us, we are part on the family who live here where we call home. And the island owner will come again, to take us to himself. So that where he is, we will be also.


Dear Reader, thanks for all your support, sorry for the delay in this post, I’m trying a new writing schedule as my day job is rather hectic at the moment, I will post minimum every two weeks instead of every week, thank you for reading. God Bless, Andy

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