Why Can’t My Love Be Enough?

Question, could you decide to cease to exist in digital space? Would you be content to not have anyone read your online posts ever? I pondered these and other questions as I listened to a brilliant audio book and movie The Fault In Our Stars.

Hazel and Augustus have a finite amount of time, both living within the frame of their terminal cancer. It’s a moving portrayal of a young couple in love and well worth reading or seeing.

The narrative is understandably poignant and gripping, as well as being, (I presume) an honest portrayal about a world seen through the cancer survivors eye’s. As an aside I found the book the movie is based on by Mark Green, framed and complemented the movie making it more enjoyable.

As the relationship blossoms there is a moment where Augustus and Hazel get into a disagreement.  Augustus is of the opinion and desire that before he dies he wants to be known and loved widely, he wants to be famous. In contrast Hazel is happy and content as she is, and longs for her boyfriend to be content with her love for him and the love of his family and friends, she strongly believes that it should be enough.

I can relate to Augustus’ attitude, it keys into a need in our society and a need that I feel keenly. A need to be noticed, to be known. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and WordPress and their web based cousins feed this desire. Suddenly these posts or digital adverts of our lives matter so much to us, and all too often those who have genuinely invested in us can take second place. Somehow the number of online friends takes a higher priority than the friends who know us, warts and all.

Hazel sees her life differently, she doesn’t know how much time she has and with whatever time is left, she wants to spend it with those most important, not worrying about who or how many people know her, but loving and spending quality time with those who know her now in the window of time she has been given.

Augustusonians amongst us, of which I am one, stop, listen and know the love of those who are committed to you, a close friend or a loved one. Discover in them a beauty and contentment, more life giving and rewarding that a 1000 likes, or 10,000 retweets could ever be.

The Hazelites, thank you for your gift, one that reminds us we are loved with the exact measure we need, and perhaps don’t need to look for it, as it’s often staring us in the face, whether that’s God or a special someone, friend or lover, keep reminding us of it please.

May the love of God who sent his son to die for us be enough, it sounds perhaps a little twee, and intangible. Instead of searching for love in church, or in social media, let Gods love for you fill you up, and if you find it in those other places, well that is a bonus.


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