Sun set leading to sun rise…


BpzDOtvIgAAez3S Sun set over Whitley Bay

Hi folks, I write this from my office as the sun streams through the windows and I’m prompted to be thankful… i love the sun… i love how it makes me feel, how it lifts my spirits and how it warms my skin. There is something beautiful about being warmed by the sun, as i think about that i am also aware that we have just celebrated Pentecost… the occasion the Holy Spirit descended on those first disciples in that upper room; and so we begin to talk about the birth of the church.

Yesterday i had the joy of leading some training for Whitley Bay Street Pastors on ‘being good news on the street’, it was a powerful evening as we shared together of the experience of being called to do this great work of caring, listening and helping on the streets… we talked…

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