Where There’s Acceptance There Is Peace.

There are plenty of examples of global unrest and an extreme lack of peace, Ukraine, Syria, Iraq,…Afghanistan, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, to name a few locations. Then there are gang turf wars, divided families and the classic shout of the oppressed child “I hate you!!!” Followed by a door slam and a while later, a request for some money for something or other.

Life is life it has it’s rubbish and it’s gold dust. Well tell me something I don’t know I hear you say! I find peace none existent when I am fighting a 360 degree battle with my schedule, or family commitments, trying to do it all and fit it all in.

I go on the occasional spiritual retreat and as good and refreshing as they are and though they bring be closer to God. I still at some point have to take the junction back on the motorway of life. Today was an example of that, my wife and I were leading 3 separate acts of worship as we do most Sundays. In-between the services I noticed I had some time and so thought I would enjoy some quality time with the family, on the beach with some fish and chips. I am so glad I did it was so relaxing, peaceful and wonderful, watching the kids climb rocks and our dog having the time of his life himself, the sun was out and all was well with the world but ninety minuets later it all ended two soon. As my wife and kids went to their church service, I took a peaceful walk, before going into a cafe to do some work and looked at my diary to discover that the next time I could do this again was 6 weeks away, I had naively hoped that I could have this peaceful moment every week!!!!

Peace is sometimes hard to find and perhaps that’s just life or the cards we are dealt. However I am not ready to accept that quite yet.

I wonder if I worked hard enough at accepting what happens to me, whatever that is. Before reacting to it, took a moment to accept the moment for what it was, could this be away I might experience regular peace?

You see within a moment of acceptance, there is an invitation no matter how brief, for peace. This allows my head to clear and my heightened emotions to mellow. After that moment then there is a decision whether I accept the situation I am in, or choose to struggle against it in some way.

At first this may lead to a brief awkward silence, where people are waiting for a response, and it will no doubt feel weird at first and forced, as I take a breath and ask God for help, but eventually it will become a habit and instinct, a state of being minus the pregnant pauses and I hope I might be a person more at peace not just with the world around me, but myself.

There is so much noise in life and normally I am a jump straight in to the deep end kind of guy, and I enjoy the hustle and bustle of life, in my quiter moments though I do wonder what I accomplish. Perhaps by taking a more peacefully considered approach I might achieve more, get more done and serve my family and the Lord better, and lastly be happier with what I have achieved and the person I have become, a husband, a father and a pastor.


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