Whose Signed Your Selfie?

Click, the camera takes the photo, the latest collection of selfies on mondays Selfie day were just like the millions of others taken recently, everyone had a smile and looked generally happy. We don’t know their back grounds, hopes or worries, but for that moment there is a smile, an inviting look. The photos themselves cause me to sometimes reciprocate with a smile, but that might just be me!

 _74106654_selfie _74106661_allanrobinson

When we post such photos on Facebook or stick it in an album we can tag ourselves in the photo in some way, so people know its us. Similarly artists sign there works as away of showing that they painted or drew it.

Before the beginning of all things there was probably a conversation that might have started a little like this:

God the Father: “Shall we make something together?”

So together they created worlds, stars, space, atmosphere, deep waters, rolling hills and snowy peaks and of course much more. Like the great artists God has signed his creation, a signature we see in selfies alongside our own names. A signature we see in our highest motivations and goals, our collective physiology, and in our welcoming smiles.

So today as you click that selfie, walk past a mirror or catch yourself looking back in a reflective surface, remember who you are a reflection of, and whose signature is also on your life and others. If you feel so inclined, thank God. Or perhaps make amends with the person you saw as less than having Gods signature upon their lives.

The Selfie tells a story, may it remind you that you are made in Gods Image, worthy of at least a smile a day, of being continually loved, respected and cherished, if not at least as much as God loves and cherishes you, the pinnacle, the cherry on the top, the bright star of all of Gods creation.

Have a great day 🙂

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