If Jesus Took A Selfie

Jesus_wept___painted___thumbna_by_g_owenOne of my most memorable selfies I have taken was a few years ago, when I was walking from my hotel to my ordination venue in Plymouth. It was a glorious day summers day, I had a number of my family and friends with me, and it was the culmination of years of training, and I wanted to share as a way of logging the moment, for friends and family who couldn’t be there on the day. To me Selfies communicate a message about who, what or where you are

Hypothetically if Jesus had done selfies what would be in them, what about a selfie with the crowd, just after Jesus had fed five thousand of his followers with five loaves and two fish. Perhaps in amongst the selfies with the poor, marginalised, and the centurion whose daughter he brought back to life, would be a defining moment. With the tomb stone rolled away,  Jesus is just about to walk out into the sunlight of the third new day after his death, so he lifts his phone and takes a shot. So that we might remember there is always hope.

The Oscars selfie by Ellen DeGeneres was seen by many millions of people and became the most retweeted picture ever.


Is a great happy photo of famous people, at one of the worlds top movie awards, its also being used to stop seal unting! The Selfie phenomena isn’t very new, but Ellen amongst others popularised it. As did the latest cancer research campaign in the UK where women posted pictures of themselves without makeup on, These pictures illustrate for us a symbolic need to strip away societal taboo or social awkwardness and getting real about certain types of cancer.

Selfies can be a powerful tool to highlight something, draw attention to an issue or indeed share your joy with the world. As Jesus people lets think about whats in our next selfie, perhaps in a church event, or where you volunteer in a soup kitchen, and or a food bank, or sitting you with a refugee. Lets let the world see what God is doing through you and with you. Not that we might win praise but that the kingdom of God might grow. If you like post your pictures in the comments below. Lets take selfies as Jesus would have, not to glorify ourselves draw attention to those who are suffering, to those with no voice. Finally do get permission first!


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