How To Make Friends…


A few days before we left for our holiday this past week, I was watching my favourite You-tuber, Shay Carl. During the vlog Shay got talking about the most influential authors in his life. He spoke about a self-help or self discovery book called  How To Win Friends And Influence People, by Dale Carnegie. I was rather sceptical and dismissive of the title and in some ways I still am. Yet there was something in what Shay said that moved me to action, so I thought I would give the book ago. 

I downloaded it as an audio book, and over the next few days, I couldn’t stop listening. The book took around seven hours I reach the end of the book and I found myself deeply challenged and emotional,  by what the author was saying about how we should live out our lives in a social media business orientated context, I found myself wishing I had read this many years ago. What I heard was not so much a business model or a list of steps, but principles for dealing with all people with grace and love; which is of course at the heart of the gospel of Jesus. I am the kind of person who is always open to the possibility that God might be using a situation or person, as a teachable moment, of challenge, and or blessing, but just incase you might find it useful like me, I thought I would write about it in a post.

A snapshot of the books underlying principles, is that our interactions with one another, whether business or pleasure,  should be a meaningful and of genuine interest in the other, and that whether at home or in business, we should practice empathy. Putting others feelings wants and desires before our own, the book even spends several minutes discussing the power of forgiveness and the need to trust in it! This isn’t a book about Jesus, but for me, the principles and suggestions make more sense and root deeper in my heart, when seen through the lens of what the gospel of Jesus calls us to be and do.

I can’t help but see a spiritual underpinning, that looks remarkably like the Kingdom of God that Jesus was talking about 1,935 years ago, before the original book was published. The illustrations used in the version I read were extensive, enlightening and relevant. You can get summaries of the book and the main points all over the internet, just search for it. 

So I invite you to read, or as I did download the audio book, of How To Make Friends And Influence People In The Digital Age. As you read or listen to it I encourage you to listen for God, open your ears and heart to the whisper of the spirit of God obvious and not so obvious within its narrative.

Why not comment below on what the books are that have inspired you? Now hooked on books (or audiobooks) I am excited to listen to the novel I have just downloaded, so until next week. See Ya

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