Love Outrageously…


It is sometimes difficult to see, hear, let alone feel Gods presence, when so many seem just fine without him. Even my 8-year-old announced the other day that he didn’t believe in God anymore, because “he didn’t answer his prayers.” What can I say to that?

Yet then I see the picture of the Pope blessing a man with a facial deformity and that is (rightly) lauded as a selfless act, or find inspiration from reading about the late Father Reid who prayed over a dead British soldier in the midst of the Northern Ireland troubles. Or a more recent example, seeing the news headlines about Church of England Bishops banding together with others to protest on behalf of the impoverished poor in our society.  Woven into the tapestry of these news stories and many others beside are acts of selflessness, righteous protest, and expressions of love, within them I somehow see God at work.

It is in this manner of living that we live up to our Godly calling which in its most simplistic way is to love people and love God the same. My heart is gladdened at so many occurrences of expressions of love by those of faith and none. Though I do long for the day that the source of that love might be known, by even more. That I and they might be renewed by its transformative power, overturning the tables on injustice and intolerance.

lastly I was a youth worker some years ago, I took some teenagers to a car park and gave them some money and told them to find a ticket booth and pay for the tickets of all who came to it, telling them that it was a random act of kindness from the church. It went really well and at the end of the few hours we were there, and as it began to rain, a women wound down her window as she drove towards me and paused to hand me an umbrella, telling me “this is my act of kindness to you.” Just imagine what this world would look like if we loved and lived with loving generosity with others, whoever they might be.


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