New Year, New Resolutions

In July last year I started running, I began with buying some running shoes then an outfit. I progressed little by little, which took time and frustration, as well as the odd injury, before I could begin running longer distances and faster speeds. I am now healthier and a little lighter than I was before I started which is brilliant.

I am mentioning this as away of reminding myself and us of the need to take our discipleship seriously.  Lets begin with the goal of just listening to God more and reading our bibles, rather than saving the world or getting our special pass into sainthood!

For some of us we gave up making New Years resolutions years ago. But perhaps this time, set a date, put it in the diary when you will set a plan in motion. A plan that commits you to walk closer with Jesus this coming year, I promise you the results will be unexpected. As you pray more, read scripture more and gather with your brothers and sisters in Christ, for the up in and out of discipleship, our worship, our growth and witness of Jesus Christ will develop far more than we can imagine or hope.

Happy New Year.

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