Its life Jim but not as we know it…

Christian mission has had negative connotations, I am sure you can think of a few, where the church has used inappropriate methods and terminology to “save the lost”!

But in recent years this has been changing, and no less this week with the Together Mission Project in the North East of England, which brought together many Methodist congregations, to not condemn people, or fit them into some pre-existing model, or manipulate some kind of fake christian response. Instead thorough their  action, the word mission has come to be synonymous with the servant heartedness of Jesus himself. Who served people, loved people, even took a towel wrapping it around his waist and washed the disciples feet days before his death.

The message of the gospel has not been dulled down or diluted but reshaped by a question and which demands a response. What is God doing in our community? Once we prayerfully figure that out, our response should be to get involved.

This week I have not seen mass conversions, or revival. But something even more exciting, the birth of faith, embryonic, fragile, so easily forgotten. The lyrics “its life Jim but not as we know it…” (star trekking song) perhaps is a good quote to end with, as it says something of what has begun here. Faith has been born in others not in our neat religious boxes but something new, but no less christ centred. And its alive, but not life in our current traditional model. Therefore God is calling is to respond in a new way.


  1. Elaine Lindridge says:

    Excellent blog Andy. I think we need to find some time to do some reflection and prayer about what God is teaching us all through this. I’ve been surprised at how what might have been considered ‘dated’ ways of engaging (like even ‘going on mission’) have still proven effective. There’s something going on in my head about reframing old methods in a new context. I wonder if its more about intention than methods? Regardless of whether they are old or new.


    • Very thought provoking, perhaps previously our methodology was lead by our tradition rather than our method being led buy our our broad comunity context. Also i think churches are generally much better educated now in terms of approaches to sharing faith.


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