Running Man: A Perfect Run

Yesterday evening, was foggy and drizzling, I wasn’t awfully keen on running but I got my gear on, and included my rain proof running jacket. Seconds into it my left foot started hurting, but I made a mental note to put some inflammation cream on later, and instead of stopping just kept going, but slower. 

Why am I telling you this? 

I was running a bit slower (because of my foot) and my breathing was steady, there was no-one around, all i could hear was the melodic noise of my feet hitting the wet ground, It was bliss, a perfect run.

I didn’t stop for 35 mins which is a first! I got home, and yes was pleased to look at my stats, which were 11 min mile and I had burned over 500 calories which was all awesome. But greater than that was the sense inside myself of contentment, and feeling deeply relaxed, it was a special moment that lasted.  Perhaps you might say “well thats the endorphins, my boy!” But I believe we are more than our chemical reactions.

I am a christian and have experienced deeply spiritual moments before and this wasn’t quite that as it was an internally directed experience rather than externally,. What I was experiencing was a deep physical relaxation, not tiredness but just very relaxed from top to toe, it was brilliant.  

I just wanted to share with you my perfect run and will hope their are many more. It wasn’t about by running stats, that made it perfect but the sense of well being I had at the end, that made it perfect.


Happy Running.  


May the road always be flat or sloping,

may the wind be at your back,

and the son in your heart. Amen

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