Easter Monday: Gotcha April Fools!

An early disciple continues to write in his diary…

Dear Diary, so its April Fools day, and I don’t so much feel a fool but blown away by a new reality, a fool for Jesus perhaps! We live in this new reality like the invention of the wheel, where Jesus is alive, so many have seen him now it can’t be a hoax. This is for real, those in authority are silent and refuse to comment on the situation, which must mean it’s for real. Blimey!! There will be of course a reaction from the Romans, probably an over reaction, but for now there is a calmness over the city, as people take in this new information and process it.

So some are wondering if Jesus will now rid us of military oppression, and some of our number, are being unkind to those who persecuted Jesus. I am not sure that’s what Jesus wants, but I guess its human nature.

What does he want? Right now when he turns up, we are aghast, no words, just in shock and awe. I wish I was strong enough to ask the questions on my mind, but I find my knees go weak and I am lost in wonder, at who God is. I suspect this is how faith was before we made it all religious. And that’s kind of in part what Jesus is showing us, of how relationship with God can be, beyond the temple walls, beyond the ritual. A deep relationship, An awareness and knowledge of the living God.

It’s all a bit exciting and Scary.

The Romans did respond and many Christians were thrown to the lions and were martyred. But one chief priest declared that,  if this movement is of God no amount of persecution will crush it will continue.

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