I have followed the Olympics closely, loved every moment, followed the event via twitter, and it’s apps, as well as followed it on the. I am somewhat disillusioned by the quality of cover I find for the sister to the Olympics, the Paralympics. I can’t say I have watched it before, but I find that the Olympic apps don’t provide coverage but there are separate apps, which don’t seem as easy to navigate.

My mum is disabled as is my father in-law, I myself have an hearing impairment, so I perhaps am sensitive may be overly so, to what as I see as a subtle and not so subtle difference in the response between the Olympics and Paralympics.

After all paralympians have to train as hard as their Olympian counterparts and have to in some sports manage their disability and aides and still focus 100% on competing competitively both individually as well as in a team.

Have you noticed that when a Paralympican is announced so is their disability, Olympians don’t get that experience. Olympians can have wall to wall coverage by British media, their brother and sisters in sport find that there coverage is minimal.

Yet both men and women are apparently valued equally, if this is the case i would love to live in a society that showed it, that didn’t just speak or legislate but live equality. The kind of equality Jesus showed, to young and old men and women, disabled and able bodied he simply called all to follow him and showed then how. Even though the church doesn’t sometimes discriminate, I find that the love of God doesn’t, after all how could God discriminate against his own image, in which we are made.


  1. Helen says:

    See, I know the coverage was nothing like it was for the Olympics, but it was on C4 or More4 from 9am-10pm every day, barring the irritating ad breaks. That is way more than there’s ever been before (and there was way more Olympic coverage than there’d ever been before too – I suspect you’ll find that the Paralympic coverage this year was better than you’d’ve got for the Olympics if you go back a few). So it’s not been perfect, but better than you’ve portrayed it I reckon.

    Elsewhere in the world I suspect what you’re saying is very true – they showed the media centre at the Olympic Park at one point, and the bit NBC had filled with hundreds of staff for the Olympics was practically empty.


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